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Cel said...

I look forward to the day that Beth can finally celebrate her first family day. She has been an extremely kind and caring person as long as I have known her. I know personally what it is like to want a child with all your heart and have to wait for that child to enter your life. I also know how exciting and heartbreaking it can be to watch others build their families around you as that is the one you thing want more than anything else. I was lucky enough this past year to be the one building my family. It is imposible to deny what an amazing person Beth is when I experienced first hand how supportive she can be. She always sincerely wished me the best and has truly wanted to know how my family and I were doing despite her long wait for her first family day. I know she will embrace the opportunity to shower any child with the same love, respect and nurturing spirit that she shows everyone else she meets in life.

Anonymous said...

I knew Beth way back in high school in the small town of Hills, MN. Beth was the best friend I could have ever asked for. She is very kind, thoughtful, considerate and always thinking of others. She is definitely a fun and happy person that cares greatly for children. She will make a wonderful mother for any child that is lucky enough to have her. I also have picture proof that she loves making snowmen!!
Love ya Beth - Lisa (Roning) Boehlke

Lori said...

It takes a very special heart to rejoice, truly rejoice, for others who have what you desperately wish for yourself.

Beth has this heart. In her desire to lovingly parent a child, she has watched so many others with that same desire find success, through adoption or pregnancy. She has been able to wholeheartedly love and support all the families she has seen grow, even as her heart as ached for her own. Her ability to empathize with others is one of the many qualities she has that will make her an amazing mother...and what makes her an amazing woman.

I have been blessed to come to know her.