Being a single mom

I was raised with a lot of love and understanding. This is the kind of mother I will be. Loving and understanding, but strict and protective when necessary.

I look forward to being involved in all of my child's activities. Sports or music, chess club or spelling bees, whatever my child wants to try and makes them happy. I will be goofy sometimes, dress up when its 'tea time' or play cars when its 'race day'. Read books every night, until we memorize every page. I dont sweat the small stuff. Sometimes things happen. Things are just things. I broke things when I was a child and there was no concern for the 'thing' just for me to make sure I was ok. I feel that same way.

I will be strict when I need to be. I understand that we all make mistakes and we learn from those mistakes. The little ones can be lessons learned, like, there really isnt a '5 second rule', put the garbage in the trash not on the floor. But the big things will need to be taught. How to be safe is the most important lesson a parent teaches. Strangers arent always friends, check with me first. Holding hands in the grocery store so we dont get lost, No crossing the street without me, always wear our helmets when we ride bikes, learning to swim so we can go to the pool or the beach.

And then, when it is time for school I will find a school and teachers that care deeply about the children and their education. I want my son or daughter to have friends and go to birthday parties have playdates and be in activities with their friends. I will be involved in school functions and field trips to the botanical garden, or just helping in the classroom. Working from home will allow me the flexibility to do these things.

I want my son or daughter to experience travel and fun vacations with family. Going to a national monument or to the beach or to the mountains to see snow.

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